I’m Nathan Pitchford. I’m a husband of one wife, father of two children, and lifelong wanderer in body and mind. I created this blog because I’ve learned that it’s good for my depression to keep my mind busy. And it preserves my sanity to air my opinions. And it feeds my megalomania to conjure up imaginary worlds out of infinite possibilities. And it strokes my narcissism to publish my thoughts to a world I pretend is listening. My normal side wants nothing to do with any of it but he doesn’t show up much.


One thought on “About

  1. Kendall F. Person

    Nathan – My apologies for leaving his message here, I could not locate an email or oteher means. Hope all is well. Late notice, I know (my apologies). Making a sincere effort toward positive communication after such a divisive election, but need to include a very important demographic. Any chance I could have your participation in COMMON GROUND?
    As always, no worries if you are unable to,but we would sure like to have you. All online, mostly Facebook and not much more than your honest answers Time is of the essence, however. – KP http://wp.me/p33yiN-9xQ



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