A New Strategy

Well, I had planned on writing a bunch of short stories so I could experiment with different styles and techniques, as well as using up some of the files of ideas I have sitting around and collecting cyber dust. But . . . after finishing the last one, “Stories,” I just couldn’t get away from that world. Cerelys and Perrin kept calling me back and their personalities are stronger than mine, so I acquiesced.

So what that means for the blog is that, instead of posting the occasional short story, I’ll be expanding my latest story into a novel, and posting installments as I finish them. Don’t worry, I won’t post every new installment on Facebook, because that would be annoying. But I’m mentioning it now in case anyone wants to follow along on the blog.

This is the first time I’ll be posting regularly as I write a novel since I did it a long time ago, in a worldview far, far away, when I wrote a rambling allegorical fantasy called Fair Semblances. I didn’t do it with Pale, because I wanted to keep it unpublished so I could search for an agent or publisher when I was finished. But after I spent part of a day searching and reading and composing query letters, for which I received the honor of rejection, I came to realize that I enjoy creating but I hate the whole world of marketing and networking. So I decided that, for the future, I would just write whatever I want, publish it myself, and trust that if there’s someone in the world as strange as I, who might enjoy it, the universe will somehow make the introduction. It’s a decision that brought me much peace and happiness, so I’m sure it was the right one.

I’ve discovered that the writing is good for my own brain, at least, whether or not it helps anyone else. As I’ve pursued meditation practices in my own way, I’ve gotten to where I can recognize and distinguish between all these different parts of my brain, and I’ve learned that I’m much better at being happy when all the different parts can communicate with each other. But it’s hard, because some parts use words and some don’t. Some can hear the spoken word but not read. Some can read the written word but not hear. Some can speak but not listen. That’s where storytelling comes in. The storydreamer part of me doesn’t have words, but he can communicate with the storyteller part of me who has no imagination. But the storydreamer can’t communicate with the uptight analytical logical arrogant part that thinks he runs everything. But storydreamer can use storyteller to translate what he wants to communicate into written words, which the analytical part is good at reading. So I’ve learned to banish the analytical fellow to a silent part of my brain while I’m writing, and just let the storydreamer spin his fables, which he thinks the uptight old fellow needs to hear, for his own good.

If you think that’s complicated, you should meet the other guys in there! The moralizer, the guy who does nothing but play out possible scenarios of my own future, the guy that only agonizes over scenes of my own past, the one who’s content to do nothing but look in rapt attention on whatever object is in front of him, the one who only likes to think about what each part of the body is feeling at any given time…I haven’t even given names to them all, there are so many of them. And then there are the characters in my stories, too, and although I realize there’s a chance that they also come from my own brain, I prefer to believe that they’re all just out there, somewhere, their own distinctive personalities ready to reach out and tell their stories by interfacing with my brain. I also understand that there’s at least a fifty percent chance that I’m one hundred percent crazy, but either way as long as it makes my mind happy. 😉

Enough rambling. The point is, I’ll be posting chapters to a new novel, set one hundred million years in the future, with lots of interesting new characters that I can’t wait to get to know. If you want to get the backstory that I’ll be expanding on, you can read it here. I plan to keep it as a kind of prologue to the novel when I finalize it.

That’s all, my people. Peace, love, and courage to all. Don’t fear the crazy, sometimes it turns out to be pretty decent and a whole lot more fun than the sane. 🙂


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