We Are One

Last night, it struck me forcefully that humanity is really one organism. Not as a metaphor or an ideology to pursue – not in the abstract sense in which I’ve always understood such language – but at an actual physical level. To explain what I mean, I’ll back up and adumbrate the train of thought that led me to the realization.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve developed the artistic habit of using meditation and self-hypnosis techniques to get myself into a highly receptive state and then writing as passively as I can, trying to let my subconscious control the whole process. That’s how I wrote my novel this past year, and sometimes I use the same method for handwriting in my journal. Well, as I was doing this last night, it struck me how strange it felt to “shut down” the conscious governing part of my brain and let my writing hand just do its own thing, as if someone else were moving it. I wondered if the practice could be some form of “automatic writing”  (whether due to the subconscious, the ideomotor effect, or some other moving force).


As I was thinking about it, I recalled the similar experience of writing my novel, and how I could feel the waves of whatever emotions I needed for my story sweeping through my subconscious mind. I’d begin each session with just a basic idea of how I wanted the story to proceed, which my subconscious would follow more or less closely – but in the actual writing, I intentionally put myself in a state where my conscious mind was as passive as I could make it. So much so that when I later re-read what I wrote, I sometimes surprised myself.

I’ll mention one other relevant factor: I’ve been using kundalini yoga and similar other disciplines to sensitize my body to the energy patterns running through my nervous system. I had just been working on opening up my chakras  so I was highly aware of the energy flowing through my body at the time.

That’s when it struck me. It wasn’t just my energy flowing through my brain and moving my hand – it was the patterns of universal human energy. Furthermore, those patterns are always present, always flowing in and through each of us.

I’m not trying to persuade anyone of the truth value of my claim right now; I’m only trying to explain what I mean. I believe that all human brains are connected to each other by an energy web and that patterns of energy are constantly flowing in and through all of us. Some people I know are by nature highly sensitive to this energy web. I have friends who can intuitively feel whenever anything really good or really bad is happening somewhere in the world, and are even able to discern the general location of the energetic disturbance. When war breaks out in the Middle East, the rush of negative energy might put them in bed for a day or two – that’s how sensitive they are. And although I’m not that sensitive by nature, I’ve been training myself to open up to and be aware of this energy web as its patterns flows through me.

So maybe this is how it works: since I’ve been strengthening the part of my brain that receives such energies, I wonder if it’s those other human energies flowing through me that move my fingers when I’m writing in my creative mode. Could it truly be the energies of other humans that flow into my brain and through my nerves and into my muscles and out through the pen onto the page in front of me? This is how I wrote it in my journal last night:

[Am I experiencing] the ability to bring into my conscious mind the universal subconscious knowledge that we’re all just a consequence of the energies of everyone flowing into each other as a superorganism, so that the beautiful ideas my pen is right now putting on paper are not really a product of “my consciousness” (as if “I” were a distinct thing), but rather the push and pull of the universal patterns of human energy flowing out onto the page? When I’m creating art fully in the present, I’m so connected to the human energy web that I just hook up the electricity in my nervous system to whatever emotions are riding through the web at a given time, following whatever patterns my subconscious needs for the story or work of art I’m creating at the time. So in a way, when I create art with this technique, I don’t really write it, but at an actual physical level, the neural energies of real humans going through the same emotions that my characters are going through, at that very time, are in fact moving my pen.

Whether or not you agree with this analysis, it sparked a further thought, which I also wrote down:

If so, then maybe at the level of our thoughts, our mind, the patterns of energy running through our nervous system, and, by extension, the muscles they empower, the cities we build, etc., we really, physically are each other. At one level, all my thoughts, emotions, decisions – everything that makes up “me” – are really just the energies dancing through my neurons. But if those energies aren’t all of my own origin – if our human energies are always flowing in and through all of us – then I always have bits and pieces of everyone else flowing through my neurons just as bits and pieces of me are always flowing through everyone else’s neurons. As we constantly sync the energy patterns in our brains to each other – as more and more humans are able to sync up their patterns through the agency of worldwide “super-artists “ in the entertainment industries – as all those humans constantly spreading neural patterns in and through each other become more and more globally connected through the internet cables lying on the bottom of the sea – we function as one giant human brain (although right now, in our infancy, it’s still a schizophrenic brain).

I muddled through everything else just trying to get to that last thought. It’s hard to find words to express the poignancy of the feeling, but it struck me with the force of a conviction that we’re all one, that our brains are all connected at a mostly subconscious level, and that we constantly influence and are influenced by every other human at the level of the energy patterns running through our brains – all our thoughts and emotions and decisions, and, therefore, everything we do and build and accomplish. Imagine if you could be inside one neuron in your brain, and the little neuron was telling you that it lived and functioned on its own – “yes, there are other neurons out there doing their own thing, and I interact with some of them, but fundamentally, we’re each just our own cell doing our own thing”. So you tried to explain to that neural cell, “Yes, you are an individual cell, but in a sense, the energies of billions of other cells are constantly flowing through you, your own energies are flowing through them, and in reality, you’re all part of one harmoniously united organism.” If you imagined that experience, it probably feels like it did to me last night, trying to put into words this feeling I was getting that yes, in a way I’m my own person – but in a more fundamental way, I’m just part of the universal human body.

If this is true, then maybe the best thing you can do for humanity is just being happy. If the patterns in your brain sync up and are synced up with other human energies all around you, then when you put positive emotions into the energy web, you’re creating something for all humanity to draw upon. Those patterns will continue to vibrate across the world, maybe entering into some other human mind in a way that you’ll never realize, giving that person just what they need for that particular time.

This is my last observation: the realization that came over me last night was full of peace and wonder and universal love. I closed my eyes and saw the beautiful geometric patterns of energy flowing through my mind. I felt the influx and outflow of energies from countless other humans, felt emotions both negative and positive surrounding our beautiful fragile world, and experienced a peace that was free of all fear. I don’t know why this is; I only know what I felt. Clinging too tightly to independent individuality comes with lots of fear and doubt and turmoil, but letting your energies sink deeply into the net of universal human energy feels safe.


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