PWCAT: Planet Earth

Last night, I watched the final episode of the BBC documentary, Planet Earth, and it reminded me that it’s been a while since I’ve highlighted an awesome creation. So this week’s shout-out goes to David Attenborough and the whole BBC crew for putting together one of the most beautifully filmed and globally expansive documentaries I’ve ever seen.



The first episode, “Pole to Pole,” provides a stunning overview of our planet’s seasonal patterns of life, from the emperor penguins in the South to the polar bears in the North, with other species showcased in between. The following ten episodes each focus in specifically on one sort of biome – mountains and deserts, caves and jungles, fresh water and the vast expanse of the deep oceans. The many worlds of our planet come to life, and some of its most diffident inhabitants give up a few of their long-guarded secrets. It’s inspiring, informative, and visually pleasing. I can all but guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

So if you have any spare time this weekend, give that first episode a watch, and see if you aren’t hooked. I know I was. Oh, and it’s available to stream in Netflix, which is also kind of cool.

Have a great weekend, everybody. And be thankful you’re not a male emperor penguin just starting nursery duty with the eggs. ‘Cause that’s a long, tedious, thankless job, and they don’t even get to watch Netflix in the meantime.


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